Precision and speed. Virus protection for the whole company.

Welcome to ESET

Enjoy Safer Technology – What ESET offers is something special, which goes far beyond protection.

From the very beginning, ESET, with its detection technology that has won multiple awards, was a trailblazer in the antivirus industry. In the meantime, however, we've been pursuing a much more comprehensive goal. ESET wants everyone to be able to tap the full potential of the possibilities that modern technology offers. Thanks to the security solutions, companies and private customers in over 200 countries are able to enjoy the digital world without any worries. ESET offers corporate customers comprehensive malware protection, which also includes solutions for e-mail servers, network gateways and file servers on various server operating systems and e-mail server platforms. Moreover, the ESET product portfolio also contains solutions for data encryption and secure authentication.

Why should you, as an ALSO customer, work with ESET?

  • ESET is a European manufacturer with company headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • ESET is a global provider of IT security solutions for companies of all sizes and for private users
  • ESET has sales and support departments in Germany
  • ESET is represented in over 200 countries – nearly 10% of the market share globally
  • ESET sells user-friendly products with low resource consumption (ESET runs in the background) to allow you to work and surf without interruptions
  • ESET offers technical support in the German language, free of charge.