• Too many interruptions by delivery companies in the Salt stores
  • Every delivery separate
  • Repairs separate
  • Returns were declined by employees
  • No information visible about availability and deliveries on the next day

  • Reduction of individual disruptive factors
  • Minimization of employee involvement in the delivery process and providing relief to employees
  • Delivery at off-peak hours
  • Better overview of pending deliveries

  • Bit by bit: Simultaneous taking back of repairs, returns and call-backs
  • Consistent IMEI tracking: Communication of the IMEI numbers to the Salt cash register system
  • Order notification

  • Error-free delivery via IMEI number tracking
  • Store employees can focus on sales and customer care
  • Reduction of costs and resources (receiving/ returns)
  • One contact partner for all needs (SPOC)

„With ALSO, we were able to optimize all of our delivery processes in the forward and reverse logistics. Deliveries and returns in our stores are now done at the same time and during off-peak hours. Our employees are less involved in the delivery process and are better able to focus on our core business.“

Claudia Bernath
Chief Sales Officer
Salt Mobile SA