Your authorised service partner in Switzerland

As a leading service and logistics provider for telecom, IT, entertainment electronics and household appliance products, we repair a range of electronic devices including smartphones, cameras, tablets, notebooks, TVs, coffee machines, kitchen appliances and home office products like PCs, monitors, printers and scanners made by manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Wiko and Huawei, among many others.

Leading sector brands trust us as a strategic partner:

We specialise in rapid, low-cost professional repair of defective high-tech devices. Cutting-edge testing systems, highly motivated staff, reliable infrastructure and extensive experience are the cornerstones of our success.

We continuously monitor workflows and adjust these as necessary to ensure high quality in every aspect of our services. All services are performed in line with manufacturer specifications and requirements.

Repair drop-off and pick-up (personally)
ALSO Schweiz AG
Pick & Go
Meierhofstrasse 3
6032 Emmen

Repair drop-off and pick-up hours
Monday - Friday
08.00 bis 12.00 h
13.00 bis 18.00 h

Payment only possible by credit card via the registration process. Possibility for "send@home" after repair.

We will be happy to take care of your damaged device.

Send us your device by (registered) mail:

ALSO Schweiz AG
Repair Center
Meierhofstrasse 4
6032 Emmen

Please include the following documents in your shipment

  • Packing slip with error description
  • Your contact address with e-mail and phone number
  • For repairs covered by warranty: Copy of the proof of purchase (must include date, model, purchase price, IMEI/serial number)


  • Remove the memory card
  • Remove screen protectors or panzer glasses.
  • Create a backup of the device, as the device will be reset to its original factory state.
  • For Apple devices, disable the “Find my iPhone” feature (absolutely necessary for the repair).
  • A cost estimate will be offered for a fee for cases of mechanical damage (e.g. impact marks), moisture damage and repairs not covered by warranty.

Our experienced service technicians are available Monday to Friday during the hours of 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00 to provide you with competent technical advice and information.

Panasonic dealer hotline
Tel +41 (0)41 266 24 80

Please have the following information ready to enable us to speedily process your inquiry:

  • complete model designation
  • error description including any symptoms
  • steps taken thus far to resolve the error
  • software version

You would like to order technical accessories or spare parts (Panasonic or Technics)? As an official service partner we are pleased to arrange for your desired spare parts.

Please contact:
Tel. +41 41 266 24 81

Have questions or need help with a defective device? Contact us for the advice and assistance you need.

ALSO Schweiz AG
Repair Center
Meierhofstrasse 4
6032 Emmen

Tel +41 41 266 22 81

Our customer service representatives are available for your inquiries Monday to Friday during the hours of 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:00.

  • Why was my warranty request declined?
    The manufacturer guarantees that the product remains free of material or production defects for the duration of the warranty. This manufacturer warranty generally applies to products purchased within the European Economic Area and in Switzerland (“Europe”). Claims submitted by the customer to the manufacturer always depend on these warranty terms. Further rights on the part of the end customer as laid out in national legislation, e.g. buyer’s secondary warranty rights based on the sales contract, as well as any other legal rights, are unaffected by this warranty.
    To assert warranty claims, the customer must present a copy of the original proof of purchase.The manufacturer will not offer any warranty services in the following cases:
    • Normal wear and tear (e.g. batteries and protective coatings/films)
    • Surface damage, such as scratches, dents, damaged plastic on the connectors
    • Model/series/IMEI or product number on the product was altered, removed or made illegible
    • Product was exposed to liquids/chemicals of any type and/or extreme temperatures, wetness or moisture
    • Accidents, falls or misuse/improper use, in particular not following the instructions for use and maintenance for the product.
    • Damage caused by lightning, water, fire, force majeure, incorrect voltage, inadequate ventilation or other reasons over which the manufacturer has no control
    • Use of third-party software for editing, modifying or upgrading the pre-installed software approved by the manufacturer and running on the device
    • Use of third-party firmware/operating systems
    • Damage caused by use of the device beyond the specifications indicated
    • Using services (e.g. display replacement by third parties) provided by unauthorized service partners
    • Use of parts that are not manufactured or sold by the manufacturer
    • Use of the product with accessories that are not approved for this product
    • Use of non-approved consumables or supplies

  • Will my data be deleted when I send in the device?
    The warranty does not include backing up of data. Prior to a repair, it is the customer’s responsibility to back up the device to prevent data from being lost, damaged or destroyed and then to copy the data back to the device once it has been returned. The customer should also make sure that the latest firmware/software has been installed on their product has before submitting a repair request.

  • Why will I be charged if no defect has been found on the device?
    The manufacturer guarantees that the product remains free of material or manufacturing defects for the duration of the warranty. If no such defect is found, the customer will be billed for the associated testing, processing and postage costs.

  • How long will it take to repair my device?
    It usually takes us 2-5 business days to repair the device. This is a general estimate, of course. Ultimately, it depends on the availability of parts, number of waiting customers and the number of technicians on site.